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Elaine Wilkie - Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical

PersonalElaine Wilkie - Community Relations Coordinator at Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical
I am a lifelong resident of Southeast Baltimore, having lived in the 21224 zip code my entire life. I attended University of Baltimore, receiving a Bachelor of Arts degree in Jurisprudence. I have been married for 31 years to my husband Joe. We have two children. My daughter is a biologist, currently attending Syracuse University to receive her Master’s Degree in Nutrition. My son is a writer, living in New York City, and working for two web based news and entertainment pages. He is also a comedy writer and stand-up comedian, performing in various venues up and down the East Coast.

I’ve recently celebrated my 12th anniversary at Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center as Community Relations Coordinator, offering outreach services to area communities including blood pressure screenings, exhibiting at health fairs and community events, and attending countless community meetings to better understand the needs of area residents.

Current Job title: Community Relations Coordinator

Favorite part of your job: I enjoy all of the various outreach aspects of the position, which allows me a personal connection with many neighbors in the southeast area of the Greater Baltimore Region.

Least favorite part of your job: Although I do understand the need, I am not a fan of monthly reports and statistics.

Most serious challenge facing your business: As with all businesses, the economy has been a big challenge. Being a non-profit, we face even more challenges in the health care field.

Main benefit you derive from Chamber membership: It is always important to continue developing new relationships with local business owners and residents in the Dundalk area.


Fantasy job
: News reporter
Favorite book:   A heavy one that can hold my door open. I don’t have much time to read books, but make up for it with reading webpages and emails.
Favorite movie:  Chinatown
Favorite TV show:  Modern Family
Last (or favorite) vacation:  New York City



* * *



Kelly Bowman, Bay-Vanguard Federal Savings Bank

PersonalKelly Bowman - Bay-Vanguard Federal Savings Bank
I was born November 2, 1965. I graduated from Sparrows Point High School in 1983 and have been married to my husband, Bill, for 28 years. We live on Sunberry Road and have two children, Keith and Kami.

I’ve worked at Bay-Vanguard Federal Savings Bank for the last ten years and I’m now VP of Marketing. Before that I was Savings Administrative Manager I have attended CCBC and numerous professional training courses, and worked at other various financial institutions.

Current Job title: Vice President of Marketing.

Favorite part of your job: I love customer service and helping people to solve problems.

Least favorite part of your job: I’m not too big on waking up early in the morning.

Most serious challenge facing your business: Since 2007, the economy has been a big challenge for us and everyone else. But we’re re-bounding.

Main benefit you derive from Chamber membership: Meeting new businesses and developing new relationships with people is a very valuable part of my Chamber membership.


Fantasy job
: Social Services, So I can be a part in helping neglected and abused children.
Favorite book:   Fine Things, by Danielle Steel
Favorite movie:  Notebook
Favorite TV show:  Big Bang Theory
Last (or favorite) vacation:  Florida
Favorite saying:  “Lead by example, follow by choice.”



* * *



Gary Cramer - Thompson Automotive Group

PersonalGary Cramer - Thompson Automotive Group
I was born on August 15th, 1963 on St. Monica Drive in Dundalk. I am a divorced father of 2 children, my son Tyler, who is 22, and daughter Taylor, who is 16.  We currently live in Bel Air, MD.

I went to work for Schaefer & Strohminger on Dundalk and Eastern Ave’s at age 18. I held many positions with the company before running the store as General Manager. I spent over 28 years with the company before they went out of business in 2010. I have been with the Thompson Organization since then, managing the stores on Merritt Blvd.

Current Job title: General Manager, Thompson Hyundai and Mazda.

Favorite part of your job: Creating processes to ease purchasing and servicing vehicles for our clients.

Least favorite part of your job: Working weekends, time away from family.

Most serious challenge facing your business: Keeping up with digital shoppers to ensure they have all the tools necessary to make an educated buying decision.

Main benefit you derive from Chamber membership: Meeting and building relationships with other professionals in the Dundalk area.


Fantasy job
: Host of Saturday Night Live
Favorite book:   The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen R Covey.
Favorite movie:  Anchorman
Favorite TV show:  Big Bang Theory
Last (or favorite) vacation:  St. Thomas for a week for my nephew’s wedding
Favorite saying:  Study while others are sleeping; work while others are loafing; prepare while others are playing; and dream while others are wishing.



* * *



Joe Stadler
Dundalk and Patapsco Neck Historical Society and Museum
Photo by David Robert Crews {a.k.a. ursusdave} on Flickr

PersonalJoe Stadler - Dundalk and Patapsco Neck Historical Society and Museum - Photography by David Robert Crews
In December I’ll reach the milestone age of 60. I grew up in Stanbrook, and met my wife Suzanne in high school (Patapsco).  We married in 1975 and eventually moved to Detroit Avenue in St. Helena. Our children are both grown and married and continue to live in our community.

My career is with Bank of America (42 years and counting), but this profile is with regard to The Dundalk Historical Society. I’ve been on the BOD for about a dozen years. Our staff is all volunteer. Personally, I’ve done everything from planning events to painting the museum to scrubbing toilets (smiling).

Current Job title: Society Gift Shop Manager

Favorite part of your job: I truly enjoy organizing and working at our twice annual flea markets. Our last flea market grew to just about 100 vendors. I used to think the task was daunting, but now it seems to run like a well-oiled machine. I simply LOVE catching up with all of my flea market friends every spring and fall.

Least favorite part of your job: I have to say this in jest. If everyone would just agree with me about everything… all the time, the world (and the Historical Society) would be a better place.

Most serious challenge facing your profession: Moving into the 21st century!!!  We have a brand new website (, but there’s so much more to do including online sales and digitizing some/all of our archives. We’ve just taken our first baby step.

Main benefit you derive from Chamber membership: I’ve noted the e-mail addresses of all listed in the Chamber Directory. I’ve used the list to e-mail news of our Christmas events, art show and flea markets.


Fantasy job
: This is going to sound weird, but I always thought I’d like to be a waiter in a not-too-busy restaurant. (I know … reaching for the stars on this one.)
Favorite book:  The Dundalk Eagle. (Cheating on this one. But I can’t wait for the movie, then the musical adaptation.)
Favorite movie:  The Ten Commandments. I watch it every year and can say the lines on queue.
Favorite TV show:  Don’t think poorly of me but, Family Guy.
Last (or favorite) vacation:  As of this writing, Sue and I and two other couples (our neighbors) are going on a Caribbean cruise.  (Calgon, take me away.)
Favorite quote and who said it:  I should at least TRY to sound intellectual… but I can’t.  My favorite quote is: “Calgon, take me away,”  spoken by a TV actress as the product slogan in the 1980’s (give or take a few years).  I use the quote OFTEN (see above). (Smiling)



* * *



Amy Menzer - Dundalk Renaissance Corporation

PersonalAmy Menzer - Dundalk Renaissance Corporation
I was born July 3,1973. I live in the new Heritage Square development – the former Yorkway redevelopment site – in Old Dundalk. I hold a BA in Urban and Cultural Studies from Temple University in Philadelphia and a Ph.D in Geography and Environmental Engineering from Johns Hopkins University. I am married to Dundalk native Scott Holupka and we have a three-year-old daughter, Maren.

Before joining Dundalk Renaissance Corporation, I did policy, advocacy and organiziing work on housing and transportation issues with the nonprofit Citizens Planning and Housing Association. During my tenure at the DRC, we have raised over $5 million in funds to reinvest in Dundalk revitalization activities including house renovations, main street improvements, marketing work and the greening program. While partnering with a wide range of organizations, I oversee the DRC’S staff growth, facilitate board development and help expand opportunities for community engagement.

Current Job title: Executive Director

Favorite part of your job: Seeing positive tangible results in the community after coordinating volunteers, creative ideas and funding to support making them happen.

Least favorite part of your job: Intractable problems like vagrancy in the business district about which there is no clear community consensus or simple solution.

Most serious challenge facing your profession: Dundalk’s image is a big challenge to our being able to  attract  the  next generation of Dundalkians. The lack of resources available for community development work in older suburbs also makes our task more challenging.

Main benefit you derive from Chamber membership: Meeting business owners and learning about their concerns.


Fantasy job
:  My current job and $100,000,000,000 to make it all happen.
Favorite book:  Invisible Man, by Ralph Ellison.
Favorite movie:  I have a three-year-old. Not many movies lately. Enjoyed
the Sherlock Holmes movies.
Favorite TV show:  Castle.
Last (or favorite) vacation:  Last: Chicago in 2009. Yes, I need one.
Favorite quote and who said it:   “Be the change you want to see in the world.”  (Mahatma Ghandi)



* * *



7th District County Councilman John Olszewski Sr.

PersonalJohn Olszewski Sr. - 7th District County Councilman
I was born and raised here in Dundalk where I married my beautiful, long-suffering high school sweetheart, Sherry. Together we have raised three wonderful boys and we couldn't be more proud of each and every one of them. We have one grandson, two-year-old Caden, who is the joy of our life. In the evenings Caden and I like to sit at the end of our pier looking down at the ducks and fish in the bay.

For 27 years I worked at the Port. More recently, I've done general contracting work in the area, along with serving as a Baltimore County Councilman for the past 14 years.

Current Job title: Baltimore County Councilman, District 7.

Favorite part of your job: Helping people. Not even the Ravens winning the Super Bowl could beat that feeling.

Least favorite part of your job: By far the most difficult part of the job is all the hours I spend away from my family.

Most serious challenge facing your profession: It's disappointing when a constituent comes to me for help and I try my hardest to help them and the problem can't be resolved. There are so many needs in District 7 and I view my position as an honor and privilege. It's hard not to take it personally when I am unable to resolve some very difficult situations.

Main benefit you derive from Chamber membership: It’s a great opportunity to keep up with the local businesses in my district and it helps me, as a Councilman, to craft legislation that will have a positive impact on small businesses.


Fantasy job
: Being an airline pilot would be awesome.
Favorite book: An Unfinished Life: John F. Kennedy, 1917-1963, by Robert Dallek. He is a president I look up to. His ability to make tough decisions inspires me.
Favorite movie: Brian’s Song, a story of two families/two friends that epitomizes family values and loyalty through difficult times.
Favorite TV show:  I don't watch TV outside of sports, but Survivor was pretty good.
Last (or favorite) vacation: Anytime with my wife and boys in Ocean City, MD.
Favorite saying: “My fellow Americans, ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.”              John F. Kennedy
(A cliche, perhaps, but I think if everyone thought like this, we wouldn't have many
of the big and small issues that we face.



* * *



Sean Rhudy, Enhanced Computing Solutions

PersonalSean Rhudy - Enhanced Computing Solutions
I was born on June 29, 1984 on Fifth Avenue in Dundalk. My wife, Christina and I have two sons, Peyton, three, and Calvin, 10 months. We currently live in Stewartstown, PA.

I obtained MCP, A+, MCSA and MCSE certifications from the Computer Certification Training Center at UMBC. I started my working years selling insurance for the family business, Rodger’s Insurance Agency in Dundalk. I launched Enhanced Computing Solutions on my 18th birthday.

Current Job title: Owner and president of Enhanced Computing Solutions.

Favorite part of your job: Solving problems and creating better solutions for clients.

Least favorite part of your job: Working weekends and spending time away from family.

Most serious challenge facing your business: Keeping up with growth from a time and resources standpoint.

Main benefit you derive from Chamber membership: Meeting and building relationships with other professionals in the Dundalk area.


Fantasy job
: NFL coach.
Favorite book: Steve Jobs: A Biography.
Favorite movie: Caddyshack.
Favorite TV show: Big Bang Theory
Last (or favorite) vacation: Italy (Rome, Venice, Florence, the Amalfi coast).
Favorite saying: A message about perseverance that is hanging in our office: “He failed in business in ‘31. He was defeated for state legislator in ‘32. He tried another business in ‘33. It failed. His fiancee died in ’35. He had a nervous breakdown in ‘36. In ‘43 he ran for Congress and was defeated. He tried again in ‘48 and was defeated again. He tried running for the Senate in ‘55. He lost. The next year he ran for Vice President and lost. In ‘59 he ran for the Senate again and was defeated. In 1860, the man who signed his name A. Lincoln, was elected the 16th President of the United States. The difference between history’s boldest accomplishments and its most staggering failures is often, simply, the diligent will to persevere.”



* * *



Bernice Sotaski, The Patapsco Bank

PersonalBernice Sotaski - The Patapsco Bank
I’ve been a resident of Edgemere since 1978 and have been married to Jim Sotaski since 1976. We have two grown children.

I graduated from Maryland Banking School (Maryland Bankers Association/University of Maryland) and currently hold various Maryland insurance licenses. I have been in banking all my adult life, holding every position in a bank branch from teller to manager. I worked for Union Trust/Signet/First Union and 1st Mariner before coming to The Patapsco Bank. I served two terms as President of the Overlea Lions Club, where I have been a member for more than 15 years and currently serve as Treasurer.

Current Job title and duties:  As Vice President of Deposit Operations with Patapsco, I manage and support the bank’s back office activities, including exception processing, online banking, cash management services and disaster recovery. Luckily, I have five wonderful employees who keep me on track!

Favorite part of your job:  Learning something new every day! I enjoy the challenge.

Least favorite part of your job:   Not having daily contact with customers or seeing the weather – my office is located on the lower level of the building!

Most serious challenge facing your business: Since we are a local bank, our biggest challenge is making businesses understand that we can offer them the same services as a larger bank and often quicker service since we are in the community. Give us a try!

Main benefit you derive from Chamber membership:  A better understanding of the community and its needs from the many business leaders I’ve met through the Chamber.


Fantasy job
:  Marine biologist.
Favorite book:  Earth’s Children, a collection of works by Jean Auel that includes Clan of the Cave Bear.
Favorite movie:  Exodus.
Favorite TV show: Walking Dead – I am learning some great survival tips. Modern Family for all the wonderful laughs.
Last (or favorite) vacation:  A cruise around Italy.
Favorite quote:  Two favorites:  “The only thing that stands between man and what he wants from life is often merely the will to try and the faith to believe that it is possible.”   (Richard M. Devos)
“The most wasted of all days is one without laughter.”   (E.E. Cummings)



* * *



Deborah Cornely, The Dundalk Eagle

PersonalDeborah Cornely - The Dundalk Eagle
Born in 1948, Deborah attended St. Rita’s elementary school until 1956 when her family moved from Dundalk to Howard County. She graduated from Trinity Preparatory School and was admitted to Villa Julie College (now Stevenson University) where she earned an AA degree in legal studies in 1968. She met her husband, Donald, in 1969. She and Don made their home in Dundalk for 23 years before moving to rural Pennsylvania in 2011.

Her first paid job was working with her father, the late Kimbel Oelke, selling advertisiing for The Community Press (Dundalk’s newspaper at the time) during the summer of 1967. After graduating from college, she worked as a secretary at a Baltimore law firm and had several other jobs, including helping with circulation and advertising at the fledgling Dundalk Eagle, which was started by her parents in 1969. In 1978, she joined The Eagle staff as a full-time compositor and in 1987 was promoted to editor, a position she retained until 1996 when she became associate publisher.

Current Job title:  Publisher.

Favorite part of your job:  Knowing I can rely on our editorial and advertising staff to fulfill the demands of their respective departments while I handle administrative duties.

Least favorite part of your job:   Taking out the trash on Tuesday nights.

Most serious challenge facing your business: Dealing with the vagaries of the current economy  and remaining a relevant community voice as a print product in the age of the internet.

Main benefit you derive from Chamber membership:  Touching base and comparing notes with other business owners and managers.


Fantasy job
:  Singing in a fancy nightclub.
Favorite book:  Margaret Mitchell’s Gone with the Wind, a Pulitzer Prize winner that remains a riveting read after 75 years.
Favorite movie:  Another oldie but goodie, Breaker Morant, based on a true story of the Boer War.
Favorite TV show:  “Antiques Roadshow” is a must see. Other favorites include “Game of Thrones” and “Boardwalk Empire.”
Last (or favorite) vacation:  London, where I gleefully (and Don reluctantly) attended a series of antique shows and flea markets.
Favorite quote:  “All great truths begin as blasphemies.” (George Benard Shaw)



* * *



Joe Falbo, Heritage Association of Dundalk

PersonalJoe Falbo - Heritage Association of Dundalk
I was born on June 19, 1956 and raised in St. Helena. I graduated from Dundalk High School in 1974. My wife, Deborah Leitner Falbo is also a 1974 DHS graduate. We live in Old Dundalk. Our son, Joseph A. Falbo is married to Melissa Mulcahy Falbo. Deborah and I have a black cockapoo named Lexi.

My first paying job was delivering The Dundalk Eagle in 1969. Mr. Oelke paid me $6 for my delivery route. Since 1974 I’ve been working in the business my late father started in 1950, Joe’s Auto Service, now located on the corner of Dundalk Avenue and Sollers Point Road. For many years I have volunteered to help organize Dundalk’s annual Heritage Fair, July 4th parade and fireworks and in 2008, I was put in charge of organizing all the Independence Day activities.

Current Job title:  Owner of Joe’s Auto Service and President of the Heritage Association of Dundalk.

Favorite part of your job:  At my auto business it’s when we successfully diagnose a difficult car problem, and of course, when we make new repeat customers. In my work with the July 4th festivities, it’s when we have had a successful fair and parade and tons of people have enjoyed themselves in Old Dundalk. 

Least favorite part of your job:   At Joe’s, it’s when a heavy snow shuts everything down. Ihate when it rains on our Independence Day events.

Most serious challenge facing your business: Competing with chain stores and keeping up with today’s technology and equipment.

Main benefit you derive from Chamber membership:  Meeting other business people throughout Dundalk.


Fantasy job
:  Police officer.
Favorite book:  “The Rock,” the biography of Dwayne Johnson
Favorite movie:  “Platoon.”
Favorite TV show:  “The Wire.”
Last (or favorite) vacation:  Aruba.
Favorite quote: “The only man who never makes a mistake is the man who never does anything.” Theodore Roosevelt



* * *



Gloria McJilton, McJilton Insurance Service

PersonalGloria McJilton - McJilton Insurance Service
I was born in June, 1955, and was raised in Dundalk. I went to Dundalk High School, graduated in 1973 and later attended the University of Phoenix Online. I married Dick McJilton in 1976 and we had three children, Holly, Mike and Ryan. We were married for 35 years. Dick passed away last May. Our first grandchild, Blake, was born last August.

I started work with McJilton Insurance Service in 1973 and became licensed in property, casualty, life and health insurance in 1976. I have also served on various boards and commissions including the Community College of Baltimore County’s Board of Trustees, the Maryland Judicial Nominating Commission, the Landmarks Preservation Commission, and the Baltimore County Commission on Arts and Sciences. For many years, I have been involved with the Woman’s Club of Dundalk and with the Dundalk Chamber of Commerce, where I currently hold the position of Vice President.

Current Job title:  Principal Agent, McJilton Insurance Service, a familyowned and operated business for over 60 years.

Favorite part of your job:  Helping clients get the best possible insurance coverage at the most affordable price.

Least favorite part of your job:  There are never enough hours in the day.

Main benefit you derive from Chamber membership:  Networking opportunities and the benefit of being able to refer my clients to other business leaders in the community.


Fantasy job
:  Travel consultant/guide. I would enjoy the opportunity to travel all over the world.
Favorite book:  So many books, so little time! I am an avid reader and every book I have ever read is a favorite. Those I hold dear include “Who Moved My Cheese?” and the most recent, “The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks.”
Favorite movie:  “Life is Beautiful.”
Favorite TV show:  “Investigative Discovery.”
Last (or favorite) vacation:  Hawaii, especially the island of Maui.
Favorite quote: “Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.”   Author unknown



* * *



Dotty Cristy, Century 21 and Dundalk Chamber of Commerce

PersonalDotty Cristy Century 21
Dotty was born and raised in Dundalk and after graduating from Dundalk High School, she earned a certificate from Les Royale Beauty Academy and later graduated from the Grempler School of Real Estate. She has been married to Joe Cristy for 37 years and they have one son, Joe, who is married and living in North Carolina. Joe and Dotty are awaiting the arrival of their first grandchild this month.

Dotty recently retired after a 42-year career in cosmetology, but she maintains her position as a real estate sales agent, a job she has had since 1991. She is currently working with the local office of century 21. Among her many other responsibilities, Dotty has served as the “do it all” office manager for the Dundalk Chamber since 2006.

Current Job title:  Office Manager.

Favorite part of your job
Taking photos at Chamber events.

Least favorite part of your job:  Getting members to pay their dues.

Most serious challenge facing your business:  The downward economy has had a negative effect on our memberhip.

Main benefit you derive from Chamber membership:  I joined the Chamber in the late 1990’s when it was the Dundalk Association of Business so I could meet other Dundalk business people. I have accomplished that goal.


Fantasy job
:  Being a famous photographer.
Favorite book:  Anything by Janet Evanovich.
Favorite movie:  Erin Brockovich or anything with Julia Roberts.
Favorite TV show:  Dancing with the Stars and Grey’s Anatomy.
Last (or favorite) vacation:  A cruise to Bermuda several years ago.
Favorite quote: You have one chance at life. If you want to do some thing, do it today. Tomorrow may never come. Billy Boone (my Dad)

* * *

   Dotty Cristy from Century 21 Horizon Realty, also the Chamber’s Office Manager won 2 Red Ribbons for her photography entries in the Home Arts Photography Sections at the 2010 Maryland State Fair in Timonium.  The awards were for Landscape with Structures in black and white &  Maryland Parks in color. Congratulations Dotty!

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